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With the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge
Greg Thompson Greg Thompson

"The Leadership program has

[helped me] to be a leader

in this time of change."

Greg Thompson, MEd '15

Riley Kostek Riley Kostek

" automaticity to help

the student become an effective

self-regulated learner."


Leah Fowler Leah Fowler

"respect is the center

of the work of a teacher..."

Dr. Leah Fowler, Faculty of Education

Sara Jans Sara Jans

"...when you consider

where we're going in education,

it's critical we understand."

Sara Jans, BA/BEd ’97, MEd ‘16

Melanie McMurray Melanie McMurray

"To be a great teacher

you have to be

an interested learner –

you have to be an active learner."

Melanie McMurray, MEd '15

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"This program has made me a better teacher, coach, and leader."
-Neil Langevin, MEd '10

"As a blackfoot student, I appreciated how faculty respected my culture."
-Ramona Big Head, MEd '09

"This program has made me an effective, purpose-driven counsellor."
- Ashley Mattersdorfer, MEd '05